Time Traveling

It was a cold and windy day on August 4th,1996.Teneal Jenkins and James Jenkins were sitting on their couch watching the television while being under the blankets nice and warm with nothing else to do.Meanwhile Teneal Jenkins had made an experiment room out of one of the spare rooms.Teneal had short brown hair, slim body build and was medium height. She worked at the Gosford chemical plant. Her husband ,James Jenkins, was tall with brown hair, a moustache and hazel eyes.James was a science teacher on Thursday and built houses in the holidays.They were watching a program called time traveling.Teneal suddenly got up "Do you want a cup of coffee?"Yes, please"James replied. James turned around and continued to watch tv.Teneal walked back into the lounge room and sat down with the two coffees.There was nothing else to be said that afternoon.

                         Early Next Morning


"Good morning honey.Did you have a nice sleep?"

"Yeah, I had this dream that someone had come in and stole some things when suddenly the door slammed and I woke up"

"Sorry" she replied as she apoligised and went to make breakfast. After breakfast James asked whatTeneal was making. She said she was making a time machine and asked if he would like her to help her and of course he said "Yes".

Days and days went by. In fact months had passed by and it was spring and finally they had finished. It was shaped as a car but could change into things like an areoplane. It had two seats (for two people), a data clock so you could change the date and a little boot kind of thing so what you needed would go in there.

Three days later the two were going to a disco.They decided to go to the basement to get some fancy dress clothes which they had from last year. Bam! the door slammed behind them.Teneal tried to open the door but it was locked. James looked for some wire but could not find one.He grabbed a chair and smashed the window. He called and called but no-one could hear him.

James sat down in the comfy seat of the newly made time machine.Teneal closed her eyes and sighed and dropped down beside him as if defeated by an army. James with out knowing, pressed the data clock to 2104.They jerked back and fell onto the comfy seat.There was a whirhering sound.Teneal was so surprised she fainted. It lasted for twenty seconds of different beautiful colours.They appeared in an alley. It was dark and cold and the rain was pouring down onto the concrete pavement.

After two  minutes they were surprised for the rain and the dark grey clouds had simply vanished into the air.Baffled and surprised James got out of the car and ran over to the other side of the car to wake up his wife. He shook his wife until she finally woke up and cautiously helped Teneal out of the car.

They walked around the small town with lots of little surprises jumping at them. James saw a souvenir shop and decided to buy something. As he walked to the door there was something that caught his eye. It was a brand new sports magazine but on the front it read you would win any race or game till the year 3000. He decided that the magazine would come in handy and brought it.

The rest of that afternoon they explored and had fun. After dinner they went back to their time machine and set the data clock to their normal year. As they travelled back in time there was the whirhering sound as the first time but there also was a whiz, bang, pop sound. As the machine slowed to a stop Teneal had a strange feeling that it was the same year but something was wrong.

She found a paper on the ground. She looked at the date and the year. It was the same date as they had left but the town looked different.Teneal ran back to tthe time machine to find a sports magazine on her husband`s seat. Her memory flashes back to August 4th when her husband and her were watching a program on tv. She thinks what the program was called. Pop! She suddenly remembed it was time traveling and she also remembered that if something went wrong it was because it broke down or because you brang something from the other year and you tried to bring it back to your year.

Suddenly she recalled her friend, Scully ,who works for the T.V show.

                         Meanwhile back at home

Ding Dong, Ding Dong, Ding Dong "Anyone home?"

Scully pulled a little piece of wire out of her bag and jiggled her way through the handle of the locked door. She got out her gun and looked in every room of the house. She was standing in the lounge room when she heard the phone ring. She hurried into the kitchen as she knew who it was and so she reached for the phone in time in case they had hung up. She grabbed the phone only to hear the line dead. She started to think the house was haunted when she remembed she had her mobile phone in her pocket."Hello, Agent Scully speaking."

"Scully, it`s me,Teneal.You know the story of us building a time machine well could you rewatch your tape of it and I will call you back at 1:00pm."

"Ok, bye."

"Thank-you."  Scully made herself compfortable at Mr and Mrs Jenkins home. Mr and Mrs Jenkins sat and waited and waited until two hours were up then Teneal rang Scully and Scully told her to find out who had the sports magazine, grab it, find out what year, month and date and to return it back to the year you got it from and then come home.

Teneal thought of Robbie Simpson, the snoopy kid from next door who was a mad sports fanatic. She peered over the backyard fence to find his backyard had turned into a luxurious landscaped garden with pool, waterslides and every piece of outdoor equipment a kid could want. Hmmmmm.....

Sitting on one of the deck chairs was the very magazine she was looking for. With the stealth of a cat she bounded the fence grabbed the magazine and returned to the Time Machine.

They had done what they wanted they came home to find newspaper reporters, tv reporters, etc, inside the basement where they had left. Scully was right up the front to welcome them home from the year 2104.