Classroom of the Future Description

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Our classroom is quite large. Our tables are round like a frizbee. The holographic screen pops up in your face dazzling you with colours to get your brain active and ready to learn.

We enter the 3D hologram area and explore an ancient Egyptian pyramid, playing with the Egyptian kids and interacting with the scene created by the hologram. We forget about school until our teacher leaps out from King Tutankam's coffin and interrupts us to tell us that time is up.

Our teacher sits in the middle of the big round table and when our work is done we put our CD Roms onto the black conveyor belt which take it into the central computer for marking.

The boys toilets are quite clean, being automatically cleaned and deodorised every 1/2 hr. It's our favourite place because at least we can get away from the teachers and the girls.

The steps that go over our table is for the teacher when she goes over to her desk and the same with the steps that go over the cyber table.

One more thing.. those two box looking things on the wall are "Warps". That's how we get to and from school. That's about it.         -Jamie C.