joeplan.jpg (146501 bytes)Classroom Description

When you walk into this clean and wonderously tidy classroom you will be amazed at the intricate art that the children have done. At the very front of the class a big screen becomes a window to the world .The screen is controlled by a keybaord that floats and the teacher a droid like creature. The desks have lights with a computer on each , the seats float like a cushion of air .There is a cupboard with discs that we use for our computers on our desks .The food replicator lets us eat what we desire, and we can indulge ourselves on a book of our choice from the electronic library . In the games room you can shoot balls on the pinball machine and then build your muscles in the exersize room.  If you've eaten you can go to the toilet that recycles your droppings into food and it's also environmentally friendly.