The School In The Year 2098

I just woke up to go to my new school in Cooranbong.

Mum packed my lunch and told me that the school bus was waiting out the front for me. Soon as I walked out the door I couldn't believe my eyes. There right in front of me was a flying bus. Suddenly some steps fell down so I walked up them into the bus. When I got in the bus I couldn't see a bus driver instead I saw a computer; it was a computerised bus. All the other kids were jumping in the air.

Soon a kid came over to me and introduced himself he said ''Hi im Khan what is your name?''

I said "I'm Matthew''.

2 minutes later we were at school and I looked out the window and saw kids flying skateboards that looked like airplanes. They had wings with small engines on them.

I got off the bus and the head teacher came up to me and showed me to my new class room. I looked at the teacher and she was made out of steel and I saw that she walks funny. I new immediately that she was a robot. All the other teachers were robots too.

I couldn't get in to my new class because I didn't have a code because the school always used to get robbed.  The teacher told me the code it was "mathamatics". I  typed in the code and the door opened. 1 minute later after I looked at the class  the bell went ding dong ding dong ding dong. All the other kids came in and sat down.  I looked at the wall and there was no blackboard. Instead there was a tv. Then the the teacher  came in and said ''Students we have a new kid in the school, his name is Matthew. Matthew come over here and tell us about yourself'.

I went in front of the class and I told them about myself. I said ''um, I just came from Sydney. It is nothing like I have seen here. There are no flying busses that are computerised and no flying skate boards with wings and I have 1 sister and no brother I have 3 dogs 3 cats''.

She said ''Ok thats enough go sit down next to Jarrod''. Then the tv turned on and started writing up some maths  questions about 20 of them. Then the teacher came up to me and gave me a desktop computer. All the other kids have one too.

School was almost over because it only goes for 4 hours. The class and I went out to play a game of zap ball. It is sort of like hot potato and if you hold for more than 5 seconds it zaps you and you're out and you have to wait for the next game. The bell went and school was over.

When I got on the bus it was so hot I wanted to go to the pool. I got off the bus and went inside. Mum said '' How was school?"

I said ''It was fun.'' I went to my room and cleaned it up because it was a mess. I put my clothes and toys away and put the dirty clothes in a hole that leads to the laundry. Then I went down to watch cartoons. The cartoon was called the missing statue in virtual reality world. After it was finished we had dinner. For dinner we had chicken wings and pasta.

I told mum about school how you needed a code to get into class. How there are flying busses and flying skateboards. And that the teachers are robots and how there is a tv that tells you what to do. And how to play zap ball. It was 10 o'clock time to go to bed. So I went up the stairs turned out my lights and went to bed.                         Matthew B.